Sunday, February 08, 2009

A spot of warm weather...

We have had snow twice here this year. We normally have it once every few years, so it was a nice treat for the kids, but the cold weather has been a bit much for me. Especially since the heat in my studio is on the fritz. I could easily get it fixed, but thinking about how much stuff I am gonna have to move so the repair folks can get in there... well... nothing a little space heater can't fix, right? No... the cold has been more than the space heater could even take edge off lately. It's okay, it keeps me awake.

It has got me wishing for warmer weather, and the warmer weather usually means at least one kayak outing. As much as I would like to go at least once every week during the warmer months, I have not been all that successful the last few years. I do have to get the kayak out and put it top of the car and all, after all... Lazy bum.

This photo was taken mid-day at the former location of the Salt Marsh Kayak in Wrightsville Beach. Salt Marsh is no more, but I know a guide from there is starting up Watersmyth Kayaking. There is little that compares to getting out in the marshes around here, and away from the hustle and bustle as it were. And you get exercise as a bonus.

This photo is a good example of the type of light we get here. This was mid-day, bright sun, but there was still that deep blue sky. We get our share of almost white skies here, but we get a lot days like this one.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

3 Pigeons

This was one of the very first pics I did in my Rovinato series. A nice little slice of urban text with some urban architecture.

Still working on getting a book of these together. Too many projects going probably, but I'm not sure I could have it any other way. No complaints there :).